3 Day Startup: Learning by Doing

Electrical engineers know that they need to learn about analog devices and lab techniques if they want to pursue a career in circuitry. Computer scientists know that learning Python and Java will get you on any company’s payroll. But for entrepreneurs, wha't’s the process? There are so many stories of college dropouts becoming multi-millionaires with a single, life-changing idea, but very few that are relatable to the average 20-something.

The Story of My Tattoos

I'm now almost 20 and I already have two tattoos. The people around me used to believe that having more tattoos equaled more "street cred", that being inked could be misconstrued as less professional than I am, but that's not the case anymore.

Hack Mobile: A Successful Hackathon Failure

I've written and spoken about my hackathon experiences many time, so much so that my former high school classmates know me as "the hackathon girl." I typically consider myself to be a hackathon expert, merely due to the fact that I've attended nearly a dozen hackathons, co-founded and been head organizer for four different hackathon organizations, and become a large part of the NYC hackathon scene. Hack Mobile was different.

Growth Hacking Women in Tech: thelydperiod Podcast

For the first time ever, I was featured in a publication without writing a single word. “How did she do it?” you may ask yourself. Two simple syllables: podcast. I recently was on an episode of Lydia Jones’s podcast thelydperiod, and it was truly one of the most fun features I’ve done!

Stuck in the 2000s: My First and Last Warped Tour

Ever since I heard that first g-note in "Welcome to the Black Parade", I wanted to find people my age who listened to my kind of music, and Warped Tour seemed to be that place for me. Until this year, I never had the chance to go—it was either too far or too expensive or on the wrong day. So when I realized that I'd be in San Diego at the same time as Warped Tour ... well I absolutely *had* to go.

(Actually) Life-Changing Make-a-thon

I learned a lot over the course of my sophomore year, from wiring a circuit to figuring out how much sleep my body needs (the hard way), but one of the most worthwhile experiences I had was one that was a little surprising. All the way back in February, I attended my very first hardware hackathon.

Spending Quality Time at Qualcomm

I was invited to attend the Qualcomm Student Accelerator in San Diego last weekend, and I had the time of my life! Meeting new people, learning about everything Qualcomm has done and is doing, and hacking hardware for the first time - it was a whirlwind.

Hello World! (again)

I'm not gonna lie. As of 11:21pm on Sunday July 10th, 2016, I am officially the worst. I made a promise to myself (and, more importantly, the all-powerful Internet) to actually use this blog on a regular basis, and I didn't.

You would've thought that having to pay for both the website and the domain would encourage me to use my money to the fullest extent possible...