Hello World! I'm Caitlin :)


Now you're probably looking at this and thinking to yourself 

Why am I reading this blog?

and that's honestly a really good question.

I've grown up in one of the most metropolitan cities in the world,  and, in the process, have interacted with some of the most driven and interesting people I've ever met. I've been able to attend some of the best schools in the country, intern at amazing companies, and get mentored by impressive engineers and computer scientists. I've learned almost a dozen different coding languages and technologies, and put them to use with products that hundreds of thousands of people see every week.

If you take a look at any of my social media feeds, it seems as though I'm already on top of the world, but don't worry, this blog isn't a place for me to inflate my ego any more than it is already.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

Every day brings a new challenge (or challenges, most likely) to the table, and I'm not always equipped to face them. I never claim to know everything because I know that every room I step into, whether it's a kindergarten classroom or a boardroom, has new people with new skill sets and new experiences that I can learn from.

I don't want to be like "oh my god, look at me, I'm sooo relatable" so that you read my content, but I'm upfront and honest about the fact that I'm a smart and strong and capable woman, while also being insecure and passive aggressive and selfish (hopefully not to an *atrocious* degree).

So to answer the question of why should you read this blog, I hope that you can use it to feel as though your struggles are valid, to learn about different opportunities that you can take advantage of, and to live vicariously through a 20-year-old girl (although my friends will all tell you that I'm pretty lame).